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An outdoor covered deck for an extended play area.
A fun, relaxed lounge with toys, books and play space



What your child needs to bring to Kind Hands:

Due to the specialised care needs of your child, you will need to bring with you everything that you would normally need at home.

  • Feeding pumps and equipment for feeding including feeds.

  • A copy of the dietician’s plan.

  • Special seating or wheelchair.

  • Specialised postural equipment, including standing frames or sleeping systems.

  • Care plans -including an advanced care plan if you have one.

  • Specialised bathing equipment.

  • Special comfort items used at home e.g: a favourite toy, blanket, dummy etc

  • Nappies or other sanitary requirements.

  • All medications including any home remedies.  Medications are to be clearly labelled with the name of the child, with the correct dose, time, route and frequency that the medication needs to be given.

  • All medications will be charted on the Kind Hands Medication Chart. Any changes in medications must be prescribed and documentation to be provided by GP, Specialist or Pediatrician.

Who can be referred to Kind Hands....

  • Children and young people who have medical conditions/medically fragile

  • Children and young people who are technology dependent

  • Children or young people who are under ACC

  • Children and young people with disabilities

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